Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Party of the Millennium

1: Dude, where were you yesterday?
2: Just at my apartment. Why?
1: We were trying to get a hold of you for like three hours.
2: Yeah, I forgot to charge my phone. Didn't even realize it was out of batteries until this morning. Why? What was going on?
1: Oh man you should have been there. It was crazy. Everyone was there. It was awesome.
2: Damn. Sorry I missed it.
1: Yeah, sucks dude.
2: Oh well it's not like it was the second coming of Christ.
1: Well actually...
2: What!? You're fucking with me.
1: Weeeelllll...
2: Seriously!? Fuck!! Why didn't you fucking call me!?
1: We did!
2: I know, but fuck!
1: I'm sorry man.
2: Was it great?
1: Dude it was so fucking awesome. He had us all laughing all night. Best fucking night of my life.