Monday, April 06, 2009


Depressed Young Man sits in an empty laundromat. He stares at his laundry spinning around in the drier, like the detritus of his life. He sure is depressed.

DYM: I can't get over my last girlfriend. We were so perfect together. I used to just stare into her eyes for hours. She left me.

Enter Manic Pixie Dream Girl. She's covered in sparkles. She has a guitar slung over one shoulder, and a parrot cage full of her clothes on the other.


DYM: hi

Manic Pixie Dream Girl puts her clothes in the washer, still in the parrot cage.

MPDG: I'm just so crazy!

DYM: I think that might ruin the washer.

MPDG: Silly! You worry too much!

DYM: I find your antics make me somewhat uncomfortable, yet at the same time they are completely alluring.

MPDG: I know!

DYM: Still, I'm so heartbroken that it'll take forty-five minutes for me to get over it.

MPDG: I know what you need! Bubbles!

She grabs Depressed Young Man's detergent and pours a copious amount in each washer. She leaves the lids open, and soon the landromat is covered in bubbles.

DYM: I'm pretty sure this is illegal.

MPDG: Don't worry about it! Live in the moment!

DYM: I feel myself coming out of my stupor, but I'm still scared. I know why I love you, but I can't figure out why you love me.

MPDG: Here let me explain it through song.

(She picks up here guitar and sings)

I'm just a ridiculous male fantasy.
I don't have an interior life.
I exist solely to serve your character arch.

And on it goes.

This post is an installment in a continuing series of content coordinated by theme or motif with posts from Enoch Allred of Chiltingham, John Allred of clol Town, Jon Fairbanks of Funkadelic Freestylings of Another Sort, Eli Z. McCormick and Miriam Allred of Modern Revelation!, John D. Moore of Whatnot Studios, Joseph Schlegel of Sour Mayonnaise, Sven Patrick Svensson of Sadness? Euphoria?, William C. Stewart of Chide, Chode, Chidden, and WiL Whitlark of The Real McJesus. This week's theme: 'Laundromat'.


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Truth has been expounded here.


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